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Looking for professional psychic help?
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About me

My name is April. I’m a professional psychic medium, and I’ve spent years dedicated to change people’s life thanks to my esoteric abilities and the Tarot cards.

I was born with the gift of clairvoyance, and my mom teach me to use the Tarot cards. She also was a profesional psychic medium, just like my mother who was a medium as well, and spend all her life helping the others with the gifts that destiny gave her. All I know is thanks to them, and that’s the reason why still use the Tarot cards that she gave me in my 21 birthday.

I just came from India, because I was on an spiritual trip to improve my clairvoyance and psychic tecniques. I’ve spent the last months speaking with very important masters of the clairvoyance and medium world who have helped me to improve mi connection with our guardian angels.

This trip has completely change the way I understand the spiritual world, and I want to share all what I’ve learnt with you, through this online Tarot, I’ll do a Free Psychic reading.

This free psychic Reading is the perfect way for you to know what future holds you, taking into account our past and our present. With all this information, and thanks to my psychic powers, I can see all about your future, so that you can be prepared for what’s coming in your future.

You can solve any doubt with my Tarot cards, from a general online Tarot Reading, to who is the love of your life. The cards you pick are going to tell me all what you need to know about your future, but a close future. This is the best way to do a Free Psychic reading with an online Tarot.

My psychic medium tecniques, and my clairvoyance gift of course, will help to do a complete online Tarot reading, in order to you have a better understanding of your past, your present and your future.

Readings made from psychics like me connect with energies, using the gift of clairvoyance, to listen the message of the universe. To make it correctly, and understand the meaning of Tarot cards, a lot of concentration and experience is needed. You’ll receive the free psychic reading by email.